See here for initial setup instructions with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and other apps.

Many other topics are covered below, and please do not hesitate to Contact Us!


What are the installation requirements for

StretchUp supports both Apple Mac and Windows PC.
We support MacOS versions 10.14 and up on most modern Macbooks and iMacs, and Windows 10 64bit on PCs with modern hardware.
If you have trouble installing Slipaway on your Mac or Windows PC, please contact us.

What video conferencing applications does StretchUp support?

StretchUp supports most Video Conferencing programs that allow virtual cameras. At the time of writing this includes Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Skype, Skype for Business, and others. See detailed setup instructions here

I have multiple cameras. How do I choose which one StretchUp supports?

Click the settings gear icon on the top ribbon to open the StretchUp settings menu. In that menu you can pick any camera connected to your PC


How do I start up StretchUp?

Configure your video conferencing program to use StretchUp as the camera (see instructions here). As soon as you turn on video, StretchUp will start. Normally, StretchUp starts in the background, providing Follow Me Zoom and Up Alerts. You can double click the StretchUp icon in the task bar to open it up for more interactions.

What is Follow Me Zoom and how does it work?

Follow Me Zoom is a feature that tracks the position and size of your face in the frame. It zooms-in on your face, to allow you to move away from camera, stand up, and be mobile while keeping your face clear in the meeting. If you are close to the camera and your face fills up much of the frame, the zoom will not engage. If your face takes a smaller part of the frame, Follow Me Zoom will zoom in on your face. You can configure the maximum zoom amout that you allow in the settings menu: * 1x turns it off * 1.5x allows up to 1.5x zoom-in * 2x allows up to 2x zoom-in Note: if no face is detected for 10 seconds, the zoom is reset until a face is detected again.

What are Up Reminders and how do they work?

Up Reminders track whether you are sitting or standing, and if you were sitting for long they alert you to stand up. You can configure the Up Reminders timer in the settings window, including turn it off by selecting "never". If you keep the StretchUp window open, you will see the stick figure move from an upright sitting position to a reclined position as you sit longer. The color will change from green to yellow and red. One minute before the timer expires, the StretchUp taskbar icon will start to turn red, providing indication that you should be standing. When the timer has expired, StretchUp will show a notification reminding you to stand up. As you stand up, the color will start to turn green. You need to be standing for a minute or longer to actually reset the timer - but don't stop there! Longer is better! Note: using the "Stretch" button is another way to reset the timer. Also, if no face is detected for 10 seconds, the color turns grey and the timer is reset.

How does the "Stretch" button work?

The "Stretch" button allows you to stretch in private. When you click it, StretchUp mutes your microphone and shows your last position on the conference video, allowing you to stretch in private. To rejoin, click "Rejoin". The green mask shows where your face is on the conference video. You can align with it before rejoining to minimize disruption on the conference call. Note: the "Stretch" button is disabled when you move your face a lot, as that might be blurry or could itself be disruptive. Try to stay still for a few seconds before you click "Stretch" for best results.

Sometimes I am standing and detected as sitting or vice-versa. Why?

StretchUp attempts to deduce your pose from your position in the frame - see the examples below:

  • It would consider you sitting if it mostly sees your head and shoulders.
  • If it gets to see larger parts of your body it considers you as standing.
While it works well for most people, it might get confused in your particular setup. If that happens, you can still enjoy the "follow-me" zoom and the "stretch" feature.