StretchUp Initial Setup

To use StretchUp, you need to set it up as a virtual camera in your conferencing app.

Choose your conferencing app below to see step-by-step setup instructions.

Refer to our FAQ for other details, or contact us with any questions.

Microsoft Teams
Google Meet

To use StretchUp with Zoom, configure Zoom with StretchUp as the video camera:

1. Click your account icon on the top right of the Zoom window and choose "Settings".

Zoom Settings 1

2. Choose the Video tab and under Camera choose "StretchUp".

Zoom Config.png

* Note: if you can't see StretchUp in Zoom's camera list, you might need to restart Zoom or your computer for Zoom to discover Slipaway correctly.

3. StretchUp will pop up and will start providing video into Zoom.

4. Play around: See the stick figure reflect your sitting / standing position and change its color to reflect how long you have been sitting or standing, move back and stand up to see "follow me" zoom kick into action, and click "stretch" to see how you can stretch in private. Staying fit is fun!

5. Use the settings icon      to change various settings in StretchUp.