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Even the Zoom CEO has Zoom Fatigue

Updated: May 16, 2021

Nice to know it is not just us: even the Zoom CEO has Zoom Fatigue.

Back to back video meetings are the norm for many of us, and the resulting fatigue is a very real phenomena. Our users tell us that StretchUp helps in some important ways:

  • Stand Up Reminders nudge us to stand up and move, and make it easier to stay alert.

  • Follow Me Zoom allows us to stand a bit further from the camera so the perceived distance to the other person is much more natural and the stress of looking at someone from too-short distances is reduced.

  • Private Stretch is a great way to take a quick short break without advertising it to the whole meeting.

How has StretchUp helped you? We would love to read the comments!

Photo by Charles Delubio on Unsplash

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