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Stanford research finds four causes for 'Zoom Fatigue' - has solutions

Stanford researchers recently published a research into the the causes of Zoom Fatigue. Read the details in the link, and see how can help:

  1. Excessive amounts of close-up eye contact: The researchers find that the constant close-up eye contact creates a sense of anxiety. StretchUp has a "Follow Me Zoom" which keeps you in the frame even as you move back a bit. By allowing you to go a bit further from the screen, that sense of anxiety is reduced.

  2. Seeing yourself constantly is fatiguing: One option suggested in the research is turning off self-view. StretchUp continues to work behind the scenes, keeping your face in focus as you move and reminding you to stand, even as you turn off self-view.

  3. Video chats dramatically reduce mobility. The researchers note that “there’s a growing research now that says when people are moving, they’re performing better cognitively”. StretchUp not just allows you to move with Follow Me Zoom, it also reminds you to stand up with its "Up Reminders" that pop a notification when you have been sitting for too long.

  4. The cognitive load is much higher in video chats: the research recommends taking breaks from video. The "Stretch" button in StretchUp allows you to take a short break while others on the call continue to see a loop of the last few seconds. You are free to privately stretch or relax, then rejoin the meeting with a fresh mind.

Photo by Kiyun Lee on Unsplush

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