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Women and New Employees are more likely to experience Zoom Fatigue

Photo by Howling Red on Unsplash

The pandemic brought us the term "Zoom Fatigue", and a year and a half later this is still a topic of study and new revelations. Seeing how the "new normal" includes a lot of remote work and many conference calls, we must continue to look for ways to minimize the effect.

In an article published October 28, reports on a new study from Journal of Applied Psychology, showing that women and new employees are especially likely to suffer from the effects of Zoom Fatigue. While the reasons are not entirely clear, the researchers speculated they have to do with self-consciousness. Reducing the amount of time on video is one good solution. We believe that a culture that allows for moving, standing up, and appearing "normal" even when on camera, can be another solution. Try to encourage moving and stretching during long video calls.

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